Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a cup?

Why use a cup

What cup is right for me?

What cup is right for me

I've got my cup. Now what?

got my cup
Why use a
Why use a cup

What cup is
right for me?

What cup is right for me

I've got my
cup. Now

got my cup
What is a menstrual cup? How does it work?

A menstrual cup is a durable cup that collects (rather than absorbs) menstrual flow. The Tampax Cup is inserted similarly to a tampon, gently seals to the walls of your vagina to provide a leak-free experience. When inserted correctly, the cup moves with you during the day as it adjusts to your body, so you can wear it all day without feeling it. (This works for overnight use too!)

What is Tampax Cup made of?

Tampax Cups are made 100% medical-grade silicone, right here in the US. There are no process aids or additives added to the cup or manufacturing equipment during production. Tampax Cups are made without dyes, perfume, BPA, and latex. Our facility is registered as a manufacturer of medical devices with the FDA, ensuring the high quality of our products.

Does Tampax Cup contain dyes, BPA, or latex?

No. Tampax Cup is made of 100% medical-grade silicone.

Does Tampax Cup contain any fragrances?

No. Tampax Cup products do not contain any fragrances and are not available in scented varieties.

Which size Tampax Cup is right for me?

If you normally use a light, regular or super tampon, we recommend you use Tampax Cup Regular Flow. If you normally use a super plus or ultra-tampon, we recommend you use Tampax Cup Heavy Flow. You can trim the stem of the cup to a length that’s most comfortable for you.

What are the dimensions and capacity of the Tampax Cup?
Size Capacity Max Diameter Length
Regular 16-25ml (about 3 tampons) 1.8in 1.65in
Heavy 24-37ml (about 4 tampons) 2.09in 1.93in

How to Use

How do I insert my Tampax Cup?

Fold the cup by pressing one side of the cup in, creating a C-Fold or a Punchdown Fold. Aim the rim of the cup towards your tailbone as you insert it. The cup will unfold before it’s fully inserted, so continue to insert the cup until the stem is about ½ inch/2 cm (to about your first finger knuckle) above your vaginal opening. (This will take some practice, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right at first!) If needed, consider using a different folding method or changing your position when you insert the cup.

To avoid leaks, ensure that your cup has fully unfolded by:

  • Rotating your cup clockwise or counterclockwise — you should feel a small suction sensation as the cup fully unfolds.
  • Running your finger around the rim of the cup to ensure the cup has fully unfolded.
  • Tugging gently on your cup stem — if you feel resistance, the cup has fully unfolded.
How do I remove my Tampax Cup?

The way to remove the cup is to release the seal of the cup. With clean hands, feel for the stem of the cup without pulling on it. Push the cup towards the entrance of your vagina using your abs muscles. (They're the muscles you feel tighten when you cough.) Pinch the base of the cup (not the stem) to release the seal and while pinching, pull the cup out.

Removing the cup can take a few tries. It's important to know that the cup cannot get lost inside of you. Until you get the hang of how and when to empty, you may want to remove the cup in the shower.

Can I reuse my Tampax Cup?

Yes, you can use your cup multiple times during your cycle and a single cup can last you through multiple menstrual cycles. Always remember to empty and clean your cup at least once every 12 hours with a gentle soap and water. Remember to sanitize your cup by boiling it in a pot of water between menstrual cycles.

How long can I wear my Tampax Cup?

You can wear your cup for up to 12 hours at a time, even overnight. Make sure to empty and rinse or wash the cup at least once every 12 hours. Just like with tampons, it takes some practice to determine how often you should change your cup based on your flow.

What if the stem of my Tampax Cup is bothering me?

The Tampax Cup is soft enough that you can trim the stem of the cup if it’s bothering you. If your cup sits comfortably in your vagina and the stem does not stick out or cause a sensation, you don’t need to trim it. After you can comfortably insert and remove the cup, if the stem is still bugging you, you can trim the stem with a normal clean pair of scissors. Be sure to wash the scissors and cup before and after. Never trim the stem of the cup while it is inserted.

How to Clean & Care

How do I clean my Tampax Cup?

During your cycle, when you remove your cup and empty it, we recommend you wash it with a gentle, perfume-free or unscented soap and warm water. If no water is available, clean your cup with a wipe before reinserting it. Make sure there is no residue left on the ridges or in the cup air-holes.

After your cycle, we recommend that you sanitize your cup by boiling it in a pot of water. Boil the cup for 5-8 minutes, dry it thoroughly and store it in your Tampax carry case. Clean the carry case between cycles by washing it with soap and water and drying it thoroughly.

How do I store my Tampax Cup?

Each Tampax Cup comes with a BPA-free, aerated, hard-shell carrying case. Always store your cup in the provided Tampax carry-case to keep it clean and dry. Do not store your cup in a plastic bag or other non-breathable containers as this could encourage bacteria growth.

How often should I replace my Tampax Cup?

We recommend you replace your Tampax cup once per year. However, with proper care and cleaning, your cup can last much longer. Inspect your cup regularly for signs of degradation and odor, and consider replacing your cup if you see these signs.

Lifestyle Questions

Can I wear the Tampax Cup while I go to the bathroom?

Yes, you can keep your cup inserted when you go to the bathroom. The cup may shift when you have a bowel movement and you may have to remove and reinsert it. If you are peeing more frequently when you use the cup, or feel as if you can’t completely empty your bladder, talk to your OB-GYN about these symptoms, as they may put you at greater risk for urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Can I wear the Tampax Cup at night?

Yes, just like tampons, cups are safe to use overnight. Just remember to empty and rinse the cup every 12 hours.

Can I use the cup if I have an IUD?

Most people can safely use a menstrual cup with an IUD, but be sure to talk to your OB-GYN about this before starting to use the Tampax Cup.

Can I wear my Tampax Cup while I swim/run/do yoga/am active?

Yes, your Tampax Cup is designed to stay in place and be comfortable while you continue with all of your activities and exercise.

Can I share my cup with other people?

No, we do not recommend sharing your cup.

Health Concerns

If you are experiencing a healthcare emergency, please call 911 for immediate care.

Can I get Toxic Shock Syndrome(TSS) from using the cup?

Just like with tampons, getting TSS from using a menstrual cup is possible, but not likely. Make sure to empty and thoroughly rinse or wash your cup at least once every 12 hours. The best way to minimize your risk is to know the signs and symptoms of TSS. If you start to feel ill, remove your cup, see a doctor immediately, and tell them that you think you might have TSS. Not removing the menstrual cup after the onset of one or more of these early signs of TSS may increase the severity of the illness.

What are the signs and symptoms of TSS?

Symptoms of TSS can feel a lot like the flu. TSS can rapidly progress from flu-like symptoms to a serious illness that can be fatal. If you start feeling sick, remove your cup ASAP and make sure you get to a doctor and tell them you think you might have TSS.

The warning signs of Toxic Shock Syndrome symptoms include:

  • Sudden high temperature (102 degrees F/38.9 degrees C or higher)
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Sunburn-like rash
  • Muscle aches
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting or feeling faint when standing up
Is it possible to get TSS more than once?

Unfortunately, yes. And if you’ve had TSS in the past, consult your doctor before trying cups or resuming use of a cup after you've had TSS.

What if my cup is pressing on my bladder?

Some cups may press on the bladder or urethra, causing it to be more difficult to completely empty your bladder. If this happens to you, talk to your doctor about how this may affect your likelihood of developing urinary tract infections (UTIs)

What happens if my cup gets stuck?

Feeling like your cup is stuck inside of you can be a little frightening. The #1 thing you have to remember is that your cup absolutely cannot get lost in you. The next thing to remember is that this often happens to lots of cup users, especially beginners, so here are some steps to take if you can't get your cup out:

  1. Relax - We know this sounds silly, but if you are tense, your muscles get tense, and your cup will be harder to remove. Take a few really deep breaths and work on relaxing all of your muscles.
  2. Get comfortable with your body - Your cup may not be as easy to take out as a tampon. You may have to reach your fingers in a bit, squeeze the base (not the stem) to break the seal, and then continue apply a firm, consistent pressure on the base of the cup to take it out. Your cup may have moved up a little or tilted while you were wearing it, and you may have to reach up a little higher or explore a little bit. See our removal section on our cup guide for more tips.
  3. Take a break - Still no luck? Take a break. Your cup will be fine for another 15 minutes to half an hour. Try doing something relaxing, like taking a shower or listening to some music. This will give your body and mind a break, and really can make it easier to take out the cup.
  4. Try again and repeat the steps above - Remember to try all of your removal tips and tricks - try squatting, putting a leg up on the toilet, taking the cup out in the shower, etc - YOU GOT THIS.
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